Wall-mounted transmitters with Bluetooth Low Energy operate lights and actuators from numerous manufacturers within compatible smart home systems. They are available in the JUNG A and LS ranges and work with battery-free EnOcean technology. Comes in colors white / black / matte anthracite.


simple and easy

Bluetooth Low Energy

JUNG wall-mounted transmitters with Bluetooth Low Energy


JUNG wall-mounted transmitters with Bluetooth LE enable intuitive control of smart lighting systems in living spaces and buildings. The new wall transmitters with IoT-compatible wireless technology connect the digital lighting control with the ergonomic handling of a light switch.



With the new wall-mounted transmitters from JUNG, users can control lamps and actuators from many manufacturers that communicate with each other using the new Bluetooth Low Energy wireless standard. The technology is optimised for the IoT. It requires little energy and still has an impressive range of 10 metres. The increase in range is accomplished, depending on the system, using BT Mesh devices in the network.


Ideal for lighting control with Casambi

The possibilities with Casambi:

•  switch or dim individual lamps on the go
•  calling scenes
•  group control
•  overall control of all connected lamps

With the free software from Casambi, per network up to 127 LED lamps can be controlled individually or in groups and managed in scenes. The applications are numerous. They extend from offices and meeting rooms via gastronomy, museums and galleries to event and presentation technology.

JUNG wall-mounted transmitters with Bluetooth LE and battery-free energy harvesting control lighting systems with Casambi control simply, reliably and with low maintenance.

The implementation on site is dependent on the programming and the lamps used as well as the Casambi receiver modules. In this way, for example, DALI components or phase dimmers can also be controlled by the JUNG wall-mounted transmitters within a Casambi installation.


Smart lighting management and more

Numerous other manufacturers have integrated Bluetooth LE wireless technology into their network system technology. The JUNG wall-mounted transmitters with Bluetooth LE are compatible with the Bluetooth systems from:


The lighting management system from Vossloh-Schwabe offers a neutral platform for integrating DALI, DMX and 1-10V systems.


The software from Casambi is used to control LED lamps within a wireless mesh network.


The app for Android devices controls all components of the Loox LED lighting system as well as functional fittings that can be controlled via Bluetooth using Connect BLE boxes.


The Finnish manufacturer Wirepas provides wireless communication technology available in IoT applications such as smart metering, smart lighting, logistics and asset tracking.


WiSilica offers IoT solutions for Human Centric Lighting, Real Time Tracking and customer-specific IoT solutions


The Californian manufacturer Xicato develops wireless-networked LED light sources with integrated data recording for exhibition and presentation rooms.

JUNG switch ranges for a better way of living

Wall-mounted transmitters with Bluetooth LE integrate perfectly into the JUNG system world. They are available matching the JUNG A and LS ranges in white and anthracite as well as black.


The Series A ranges provide clear relationships. Their straight lines represent a reduced design language in a modern interior. The switch series made of breakproof thermoplastic can be used in many ways and fulfils with their large product palette all technical requirements in private buildings and properties.


The LS 990 flat switch is the classic among light switches. A slim frame and a maximum operating surface characterise the reduced design. With a timeless aesthetic and over 200 possible functions from light switch to socket with integrated USB socket, it has been impressing architects and building owners for more than 50 years.

Installed quickly and cleanly

JUNG wall-mounted transmitters with Bluetooth LE integrate in form and function into the JUNG modular system for switch ranges. They can be easily installed virtually everywhere.

Installation on smooth surfaces
Simply stick: wall-mounted transmitters are particularly well suited for extending existing electrical installations. With the adhesive pad supplied, they are attached simply to smooth surfaces – exactly where they are needed.

Installation on flush-mounted or cavity-wall boxes
Simply use screws: for installation on a wall box, the support ring supplied with the product is screwed to the wall box. The transmitter module including frame and push-buttons is then attached. Done!